Nathalie Guio
Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia


2016 International Center of Photography NY (NY) USA, General Studies Full Time Programm
2014 San Francisco Art Institute SF (CA) USA: Continuing Education Program in Photography
2011 Javeriana University, Bogota (COL): Bachelor degree in Communications and Journalism


2016 Director´s Scholarship International Center of Photography

Art Fairs:

2018 ¨Un Horizonte Positivo", Galería Espacio El Dorado, Feria de Arte de Bogotá, ARTBO, Bogotá, Colombia

Selected Individual Exhibitions:

2018 ¨Un Horizonte Positivo", Espacio en Blanco, Galería Espacio El Dorado, Bogotá, Colombia

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018 ¨Chirts & Cloves", Nuuk Art Museum, Nuuk, Greenland
2017 ¨Chirts & Cloves", Taseralik Cultural House, Sisimiut, Greenland
2017 ¨Notas al Futuro¨, Olga Piedrahita Store, Bogotá Colombia
2017 "Pop-Up Archive" Curated by Claudia Sohrens. Project Space at Mana Contemporary
2017 ¨Una y Otra¨, Bogotá Col, Espacio El Dorado
2017 ¨Notas al Futuro", Bogota, Col. Espacio El Pasajero
2016 “Successful Failure”, Space 776 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
2016 “Open Call II”, Lorimoto Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2016 “Another Kind of Paradise”, Rita.K. Hillman Education Gallery, International Center Of Photography
Curated by Alison Morley, Darin Mickey and Elizabeth Kilroy

2014 “The Less You See The More You Know”, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, S.F.
Curated by Gina Basso, Barbara Davidson and Emily Shallman

Curatorial Projects:

2017 Notas al Futuro A transnational Photography Exhibition featuring the work of 25 artists from 14 countries in Bogotá, Colombia curated with Veronica Puche and Miguel Winograd

Artist talks:

2017 ¨Chirts & Cloves” Taseralik Cultural House, Sisimiut Greenland
2017 Fotojueves: Miradas de artistas emergentes: La fotografía como práctica medio artístico y sus límites, Bogotá, Colombia


2017 Fotomeraki: Fotógrafas Colombianas, Bogotá, Colombia
2016 “Shift 11”, International Center Of Photography, NY, NY
2015 Pirry Sexo: Un viaje desde lo divino y humano hasta lo monstruoso y macabro, Planeta Publisher